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Stylist Inspiration: Julia Perkins

February 16, 2011

Julia Perkins, stylist extraordinaire & queen of the two-minute updo, on her current inspirations:

1. The color purple.  It’s such an emotional, rich color (especially in the deeper shades, the plums).  Purple is an incredibly versatile color, one that looks great in hair (I love a couple purple strands foiled into a color, it’s such a pleasant surprise- especially on brunettes!) as well as a make-up and nail color.  Don’t underestimate the power of the purple!

image via LePetiteMaison

2. Shoes that totally offset an outfit.  A great pair of shoes- whether it be a pointed stiletto boot, or heavy wedge- can completely change the personality of an outfit.  I love that.  Right now I’m really into chunky wedges, but I still pull out my old favorites when the spirit moves me.

3.  Sunshine!  It’s coming back!  I saw it this morning!

4.  Giraffes.  I know they have a reputation for being gangly and awkward, but I love their sillohette and print.  And those long, long legs!

image found here

5. I adore texture.  I enjoy running my hands through a client’s hair and noting how porous or smooth it is, and then deciding the best way to make it gorgeous while highlighting it’s natural movement and shape.  I similarly love pulling together clothing pieces with different textures; I like seeing the way fabrics contrast with one another to make a complete look.

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 17, 2011 13:08

    Very impressive. You go girl!!!

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